jeudi 4 décembre 2008

I haven't post anything last class. Why? Because I was, again, having a hard time with my film. But it's all figured out now! My film is almost completed!

When I tried to finalize it I freaked out because I was using another computer and it said that my clips were offline. No way I thought! But a classmate told me to switch places back were I did the project and it was ok. Ouufff!

I just needed an end but I guess I like the way it randomly ends. It lets the imagination of people wander. Will my friends leave or will they wait for me?
I don't know. I will let you guess.

This project was quite an adventure1

jeudi 20 novembre 2008


Ok, I finally found my idea. I WILL be using my family and 2 bests friends in my movie. I will not appear in the film. Well, I will but dead
The concept is this:
I'm dead and my entourage speak of me and how they see me. I'm also giving a few explications on a few things. Like little insights between my friends and me. I also use images as if they are looking at my pictures.
But they're basically seating at a table discussing about me.

And I had a technical problems today but we figured it out. Now everything is ok and I just have to shoot 2 or 3 scenes so I can blend in the whole story together.

jeudi 13 novembre 2008

I'm lost!!!!!!

1- ok!! I'm having a really hard time putting my ideas together... What do I do? ...... I don't know! I guess, I'll have to change my idea and find something better! something more... ME! My idea of creating an abstract piece was, more or less a good idea because I'm not quite sure of what I want to do with it... I have to find out I have to find out....

I know!
By talking to the teacher I ggot this really great idea! Me but what is me? Me is a different person for different people! That's the best thing that could come up! Student,friend,worker, family member.
But here's the problem: transitions!.... How do I do this? I don't know... I'll figure it out.

2-I have to buy myself more DVDs to burn my stuff... cause I lost my footages and I have to import them all over again! I know it's my fault but I have to take care of this

3- so homework: Sit in a quite place, gather my thoughts and do this movie...

I guess, I'm finally getting there.

jeudi 23 octobre 2008

I had SO much difficulty today uploading my project from my mini-dvd to iMOVIE-HD. every time I would try to upload my footage, it would not work! It still hasn't I guess I'll just get some more footage and then upload it on a different computer. Or perhaps I should try Final Cut. Next week, I guess I'll have to stay a bit longer after class to take care of the time I wasted trying to upload.

Project post #1

Up to this point, my ideas for my film are still not connecting with each other. My mind is still very confused but I've talked to the teacher today and it helped me clear my mind. I guess, I'll simply find a theme and film significant things related to this theme. My theme will be: Finding yourself. And I will use a poem to express the feelings in an abstract way instead of an straightforward one. We'll see where this leads...

this is probably an image that you've often seen. I think my point is very straightforwrd and that is also why I chose an simple font. The message is clear: Us army= death wether. it is made by the soldiers or the death of soldiers themselves.

this is my photoshop image project. I used the the word timeless to convey a 3-way meaning. First the rock pattern is to create the effect that rock is probably the closest element to being timeless . I also used an ancient font to create the idea that the word is timeless. But what I'm really trying to convey is that writing is timeless. Maybe not  an actual piece but the action itself. Therefore, writing is a timeless technology, almost as much rock itself.